Global Industry Overview: Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services

Industry firms furnish accounting, bookkeeping, and related auditing services to organizations and individuals. Although accounting firms may offer data processing as part of their service, companies that provide strictly financial data processing services, such as corporate payroll, are treated separately in Data Processing Services.

Industry Snapshot

Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping are three dimensions of a single, broad industry. Together, they provide businesses and individuals with the financial information they need to maintain stability as well as to gauge and interpret fiscal health. Accountants and auditors perform a range of functions, such as financial record keeping and analysis, business advising, and auditing, for diverse employers or clients, including large corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, small companies, and wealthy individuals. In contrast, bookkeepers typically work in small firms, performing the financial record keeping for the companies for whom they work. Additional duties of bookkeepers may include the production of financial statements and reports, preparation of bank deposits and payroll checks, purchasing, and invoicing.