World Vision Canada: Horn of Africa crisis response

Russ Reid

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Canada
Program start date: 02/10/12
Program end date: 02/21/12
Advertiser/Client Name: World Vision Canada
Product/Service Description: World Vision Canada is a leading international relief organization that reaches out to children and families struggling with poverty, hunger, sickness and despair. Their annual Middle Donor Campaign is a vital source of revenue that supports life-saving programs and helps meet current critical needs.
Category: Not-For-Profit (NFP)


Business problem

Middle donors are the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization. Most of World Vision Canada's middle donors were acquired through TV, digital and door-to-door channels – with the offer of becoming a child sponsor through a regular monthly donation. Many of these highly committed donors and child sponsors had been giving more than $420/year to provide food, water, education and support for children and families in need. However, a tough economy and wallet-tightening had impacted recent efforts. Results were slipping. Yet, the need to raise money for their vital life-saving work had never been greater.