Virgin Atlantic: Still pioneering after all these years


Virgin Atlantic's distinctive brand voice has seen the once-maverick challenger brand become one of the UK's favourite airlines.


  • A distinctive brand attitude and tone of voice has provided consistency for Virgin Atlantic while at the same time offered the brand the flexibility to behave in a dynamic, multi-faceted way.

  • The sassy Still Red Hot advertising to celebrate its 25th anniversary was one of the most talked-about campaigns of 2009.

  • This approach to communications has consistently fulfilled the three core objectives of keeping the brand top of mind, delivering 'Virginness' and giving people a reason to choose the airline over competitors.


Virgin Atlantic is one of the UK's major airlines, owned 51% by Richard Branson's Virgin Group and 49% by Singapore Airlines. In 2009 Virgin Atlantic celebrated its 25th anniversary with the multi-award winning Still Red Hot campaign. In an industry struggling to ride out a worldwide global recession, this campaign was dubbed by Richard Branson the best Virgin Atlantic ad ever made.