How McDonald's is going digital in Asia

Tessa Thorniley

McDonald's is every bit the traditional advertiser. In fact, it produces more television commercials globally than any other advertiser (by quantity rather than amount spent).

And while the fast food giant has no plans to scale back its huge TVC budget, it is making big changes to its media plans. Andrew Knott, VP Digital for McDonald's APMEA, told the Digital Asia conference in Beijing that "the old four media approach no longer works" for global brands seeking future growth.

"McDonald's is in the process of transformation… The question we have to ask ourselves is how do we drive consumption now that we are the same size as our next four competitors combined? And how do we create an emotional connection with the brand in new markets?" he said.

Knott pointed out that at McDonald's, which serves around 68 million people a day at its restaurants, "scale" and "local relevance" are absolutely key to growth.