adidas – Jersey swap

Category: Consumer Durables
Agency: TBWA TequilaDigital
Advertiser: Adidas


adidas Jersey Swap started life as a simple POS brief – but at a time when people are counting their pennies and interest in the game is dwindling we recognized that we had to do something bigger to increase interest in the waning market.

We had two jobs to do:

  • Gain greater spectator/fan involvement

  • Sell more jerseys

The creative strategy was simple: Take the time honoured tradition of players swapping jerseys at the end of a game and bring it into the realm of the consumer – combining both the above objectives into a single seamless campaign.

Sales rocketed. Involvement in the Super 14 peaked – up 2% overall and 5% against our core target And, talk-ability was huge – over $75k generated in PR value alone from a campaign with a budget of just $250,000.