Legal Insights on the Advertiser/Agency Contract

ANA reference guide provides invaluable legal insights for today's marketers

Robin Webster

Based on the number of inquiries received by ANA's Information Resource Center, advertisers seem to have a great many questions about best practices in agency contracts. While the details of agency compensation will vary widely from company to company, there are a number of other areas often overlooked which can come back to haunt the marketer who fails to think through the legal repercussions of the advertiser/agency relationship.

In early fall, ANA will publish a revised version of Doug Wood's book, 'Please Be Ad-Vised'. Doug Wood is an executive partner at New York law firm Hall Dickler Kent Friedman & Wood LLP. While this legal guide for the advertising industry covers a full range of advertising-related topics discussed in a language marketers can understand, there is a specific chapter devoted to Agency Contracts. The following are several excerpts from the forthcoming edition which deal with some of the potentially stickier contract issues: The following excerpts are from 'Please Be Ad-Vised', Chapter 15.