The Big Idea - Heinz Ketchup: A Winning Loser

Frederick B. Hirsch, Bert Steinhauser

This year Heinz Ketchup celebrated its 88th birthday, and I am happy to say that the old boy is as spry as a youngster. Although Disraeli once said there are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics, here are some numbers that ring as true as a cash register. Since 1964 when Heinz came to DDB, our share of market has gone from about 25% to over 1/3rd, shipments are up over 75% and consumption is up over 60%. Particularly impressive in a market that has only gained 10%. This is today's result of the Big Idea, or more appropos with regard to Heinz, the Big Ideas, that in concert spells creativity. But creativity in its broadest sense. Creative pricing, creative media planning, creative sales poomotion and creative advertising. Webster lends me a hand here and defines to create "as to invest with a new form," and that in a nutshell is what happened.