Centrum Cardio Launch 2012

Client Company Name: Pfizer Consumer Health Care GmbH
Brand Name: Centrum Cardio
Agency: Grey Shopper
Category: Dealer/Salesforce/Internal Motivation
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €100,000 and over
Country: Germany


The in Germany pharmacy-exclusive brand Centrum has to struggle with various difficulties in the market environment, which already start in the sell-in:

A regressive multivitamin market

Massive negative headlines to the topic multivitamins / dietary supplement

Constantly growing me-too offers beyond pharmacies

At product level:

  • For 15 years, the traditional brand Centrum (multivitamin compound) is discussed through the sales department in pharmacies.
  • Recommendation of the product through the pharmacist is essential for the sale.
  • Product innovations and strong media support should help in sell-in and sell-off.
  • Because of the many years in which the product has been discussed again with smaller and bigger novelties, there is an incremental decreasing attention within the field service and the pharmacist. Product innovations / medial support are not presented appropriately.
  • Less and less often, the sales department gets the opportunity to present Centrum optimally at the pharmacist, as the interest for Centrum decreases on behalf of the pharmacies. Innovations and news are often not presented adequately.
  • Decreasing attention within field service and pharmacist.