Measuring brand experience (Landor Perspectives 2012)

Kara McCartney and Susan Nelson
Landor Associates

You're a CEO sitting in your boardroom while the directors of human resources, advertising, merchandising, digital, and marketing each present their funding requests for this year's brand-building initiatives.

Human resources wants to retrain public-facing employees to better communicate your brand's image. Advertising wants to launch a new broadcast campaign supported by print. Merchandising presents a proposal for new display cases and better in-store lighting. Digital insists on a redesign of the website to better accommodate social brand initiatives, and marketing wants to mirror what your main competitor, the category leader, has done. How do you decide which of these many customer-facing, brand-building initiatives to fund?

Thanks to the Internet and social media, building a brand is now so much more than creating award-winning advertising and designing packages, logos, and environments. Now it's about experiences, and experiences are the sum of thousands of touchpoints.