Hellmann's recipe receipt

Frank Durden and Mollie Hill
Ogilvy & Mather London and Ogilvy & Mather Brazil


Hellmann's mayonnaise is one of the world's favourite foods, and a permanent fixture in millions of fridge doors. Yet tasty as it is, it only comes out for a few specific dishes. The brand has run recipe campaigns for over 50 years, creating some iconic advertising along the way, but while the digital revolution has meant that recipes are more prevalent than ever, the brand still struggles to break out of its "only in a sandwich" usage.

This is the story of how planning breathed new life into the humble recipe campaign by unearthing fundamental new insights, not only about how people plan their meals and feel about the food they serve, but also how this influences the way they shop. It explains how those insights were applied to both new and old media, leading to the idea of using the seemingly innocuous till receipt as an effective new medium to deliver highly personalised recipes; and how combining the capabilities of Hellmann's own assets with those of their retail customers created a win/win for both parties, increasing both sales and consumption.

A ubiquitous challenge