Mobile research: The potential of smartphones for understanding consumers

Christian Kugel, Joseph Blechman, Denise Brien, Jeff Vidler and Michelle Darcy
AOL, Audience Insights and Vision Critical


We are in the midst of rapidly evolving digital behaviors with a substantial increase in mobile traffic and changing usage patterns and habits. Of all digital device usage, 25% occurs at home using mobile. This rapid evolution affects the ability of the Consumer Analytics and Research Team at AOL to uncover fresh human insights for our constituents. This team supports the entire organization with research, analysis and data. This includes the Brand, Product and Sales teams as well as agency and client partners. To maintain the high level of quality and innovation of the work, we rely on a combination of digital analytics & observed data, an ecosystem of partners, original qualitative and quantitative research and our evergreen research assets. In order to continue to support our stakeholders, it is vital that we understand the implications of mobile surveys.