Achieving Success In Global Markets

Local partners are a publisher's eyes and ears

George J. Green
Hearst Magazines International

Magazine publishing can be both an international and a global business – terms that don't necessarily mean the same thing. At Hearst Magazines International, publishing is not one business, but a lot of local businesses. Hearst has specific magazines for specific markets all over the world.

Sometimes our international business means licensing and sometimes it means joint-venturing. Most often, though, it means transplanting a successful American formula – or bringing one to America, as Hearst did with the French title Marie Claire. But, always it means a separate, locally operated entity.

Each of Hearst's 92 international editions is editorially independent. Each edition is an adaptation of its original formula, inspired by its marketplace – a locally created product, with most of its editorial generated by local staffs. In other words, there is not one Cosmopolitan in 36 countries, but 36 editions – American Cosmo, Russian Cosmo, Hungarian Cosmo, French Cosmo, Chinese Cosmo... and so on.