Halls: Breathe The Change – 200,000 breaths that changed the life of a village

Campaign details

Advertiser: Halls
Agency: AD2C – Pinnacle
Category: Social Impact / Not For Profit
Region: APAC


Halls is a leading menthol mint candy in the Indian market. Other than the fresh breath proposition it is also positioned as an "Intense Cooling" candy.

The brand wanted to go beyond the fresh breath proposition and provide a real social impact. How could it achieve this and still keep it linked to fresh breath?

It created a creative concept "Halls Breathe The Change". This initiative would collect 200,000 "breaths" from consumers and in turn light up a small village in the dusty interiors of Maharashtra, a populous Indian state, by installing a windmill. The campaign objective and challenge therefore was to get 200,000 breaths!