Tribute: Simon Silvester

Simon Silvester, one of the most intellectually creative planners UK advertising has ever produced, also died suddenly in September. His exquisite writing style and arresting arguments made his articles a highlight of any market leader issue. Here, John Gerzema of Y&R New York remembers 'a beautiful mind'.

Simon Silvester

In Delhi, Simon was a man in full. He was giving a lecture on technology to an Indian telco, which artfully evolved into a lesson on humanity. As usual, Simon framed his argument so simply, told the story so vividly and packaged it with such beauty that the audience instinctively leaned forward.

In the Silvester formula, insights came in equal measure with wit. His books served up cheeky titles such as Service With a Snarl, Day of the Clones and Think French or, when it comes to exemplary marketing, Tout Arrive en France. With admiration, he stated that the French know France is an ad: "A sense of populism has never hindered French marketers – a perfume for $1000? Voilà Madame!"