Stamp Out Unintelligible Ads!

John Salmon

From time to time, I see commercials on television that I dont understand. I have been in the advertising business all my life and reckon I ought to understand commercials. But sometimes, in spite of making an effort, I fail. I can understand the programmes, I have no trouble with books even serious, informative books and I think I can hold a reasonably intelligent conversation. But I have long been forced to the conclusion that some commercials simply are not addressed to me, and perhaps that is why I have difficulty with them, even though I am in the market for some of the things they appear to be advertising.

Younger creative people have gently suggested that I am past it: too old to cotton on to the nuances they employ to communicate with their peers. I had tended to accept this possibility, and had not worried too much about my failure to comprehend. I am statistically insignificant, after all. I had more or less convinced myself that commercials cannot be running on television that nobody understands, not in this day and age.