Tamanna: September Christmas

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Campaign details

Client Name: Tamanna
Brand Name: Tamanna
City: Beirut & Dubai
Country: Lebanon & UAE
Category: Non-Profit Organisations and Non-Governmental Bodies

Campaign summary

"September Christmas" was intended to inspire a simple, powerful reaction: "I can turn tears into laughter". Tamanna, a Lebanese NGO, relies on donations to grant wishes of critically ill children in Lebanon. Tamanna grants an average of three wishes per week.

In order to grant more wishes and help as many children as possible, Tamanna needed to raise awareness and funds. "September Christmas" was the very public fulfillment of 8 year old cancer patient Carmen's wish for an iPad at Christmas. The positive impact of granting a wish became the 'It' topic in Lebanon. The event seeded the conversation; and people amplified its voice and reach.