Johnnie Walker: Vietnam New Year Gift Packaging

Agency: Lewis Moberly
Client: Diageo Asia Pacific Ltd
Category: Packaging, Branded - Drink

Executive summary

Gifting is important within Vietnamese culture and particularly so at Têt, their New Year celebration. In choosing a gift, consumers look for a brand of status and a good ratio of price to perceived value. Each year Diageo has special Têt gift packs designed specifically for Johnnie Walker.

The 2011 gift packs show the highly recognisable Johnnie Walker 'Striding Man' icon, symbol of this progressive, masculine brand dramatised with an embossed, gold fireworks pattern.

Sales increased by 63% year on year.

The number of gift packs sold is confidential but they accounted for 75% of Diageo's Têt sales. The success of these Johnnie Walker gift boxes ensured a brilliant Têt for Diageo, which in turn ensures a good year for the company as 40% of Johnnie Walker sales in Vietnam are typically sold during the Têt season.