Ford Mustang: Unleashing America's Inner Mustang

Category: Automotive- Vehicles
Brand/Client: Ford Mustang / Ford Motor Company
Lead Agency: Team Detroit

State of the brand's business

It's good to be king

Everyone knows Mustang. An automotive icon. A car that survived two wars, a fuel crisis and the disco era. The car that escalated and emerged victorious from the "muscle car wars" of the mid-1960s. And, of course, everyone loves Mustang. A car that inspired pop culture as much as car culture. A car that at the end of 2008 stood alone atop its category with more than 40% share.1

A challenge to the throne

Those two notions would be challenged as a contemporary version of the muscle car wars ignited with the reintroduction of the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. Category sales spiked 28% and their collective horsepower, alongside their aggressive media budgets, showed very little regard for our laurels.1, 3