The halftime report

Daniel L. Jaffe
ANA Washington

The 109th Congress has reached its halfway point and the marketing community has already faced a number of serious challenges. There was significant activity on a broad range of issues in 2005, including: increased attacks on food marketing to children and direct-to-consumer (DTC) prescription drug advertising; attacks on product placement and other commercial venues, such as commercial fax messages; and continued focus on media content issues and consumer privacy concerns. The marketing community also faces an uncertain new legal environment, with a new U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice and another pending nomination to the Court. ANA has played a leadership role in all of these areas to protect the ability of marketers to communicate with consumers.

With the sounds of the halftime marching band in the background, let's look at the highlights of the first session of this Congress and make some predictions about the challenges we will face in the second half.