Durex Performax Intense: Let's get it on

Havas Worldwide London

Advertiser: Reckitt Benckiser
Brand: Durex Performax Intense
Country: United Kingdom


While sex is a hot topic, condoms are not. Almost everyone knows you have to use them but few actually want to. Condoms are widely known as a necessary evil- not a great starting point for a brand synonymous with condoms!

To reinvigorate the category we had to change people's perception of condoms. The goal was to make condoms be about sexual enhancement and in turn make Durex a sex brand they want to engage with rather than a brand they have to use to protect them from evil.


Business Objectives-

  1. Grow value sales, despite very high Durex condom share & highly mature market
  2. Create a role for a premium product (premium of 18% vs. the category)