The truth about Japanese wellness

Dave McCaughan
McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific

Wellness is a very personal subject and yet one that has great social consciousness and public awareness.

Maybe it's not surprising that the discussion of what is "wellness" is definitely a "neta" subject. A sticky topic that people find interesting, one on which they want to hear others opinions and share ideas about. Usually when we run focus groups and workshops the stereotype that Japanese people are more reticent to share their views holds true but that was certainly not so with the sessions we ran to ask people about wellness. From high school students through to retirees everyone was very happy to share experiences. We asked the attendees to bring items they said represented wellness to them as a way to introduce themselves and saw a huge range of items from one man's proudly displayed collection of entry numbers to marathons he had completed to a ladies special rice menu recipes to a young students pair of Crocs.