Pedigree: Adoption drive

Category: Charity/Not for Profit
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Mars


The Pedigree dog adoption drive is a partnership between Pedigree and dog shelters in New Zealand, with the aim of increasing the number of dog adoptions. To drive adoptions in 2011, a world first digital engagement platform was developed that directly resulted in dog adoptions increasing by 112%, and was a key contributor towards donations increasing by 210%.

This case study shows how doing something engaging and interesting for the target market can have an impact that far outweighs the money spent on it.

It is also a great example of a brand truly caring about its cause, and doing something meaningful to support it.

Key learnings

Pedigree worldwide has a mission of making the world a better place for dogs. The company happens to sell dog food, but it is a business truly committed to its users – the dog population. Pedigree has partnered with dog shelters in New Zealand for a number of years, with the aim of increasing dog adoptions through a communications and funding programme.