Where Marketing Art Meets Marketing Science: The Best-in-Show Winners of the 2012 ARF’s David Ogilvy Awards

Management slant

  • The Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Awards celebrate the critical role of consumer research in creating successful marketing campaigns. The three top winning case studies from the 2012 Awards are shared.
  • Grand Ogilvy Award: Vicks DayQuil and Vicks NyQuil—"In the NFL, There Are No Sick Days." Vicks needed something relevant and memorable to help link its two main brands, NyQuil and DayQuil, using similar core equities around efficacy and powerful relief. Ultimately, the company arrived on the NFL, a sport synonymous with power that aligned perfectly with the cold and flu season. Vicks advertised both brands equally across all tactics using the trials of playing in the NFL as a torture test for cold medicine. Vicks demonstrated the need for, and the brands' ability to provide, powerful sleep and mental alertness surrounding one unifying, rigorous test—game day.
  • Research Achievement: Verizon FIOS—"Enciéndete FIOS." Five years after its initial launch FiOS still lacked awareness and differentiation among the Hispanic community. Lopez Negrete created a comprehensive research strategy designed to identify the target and subsequently inform a customized Hispanic marketing strategy. The research newly defined a group of bicultural and unacculturated Hispanics, tied by their shared mindset and attitudes toward technology. The Enciéndete FiOS campaign objective was to engage consumers from awareness to action; the creative strategy was to make FiOS tangible by featuring situations in which it empowers and improves consumers' lives. The results speak for themselves. FiOS attained a 121 percent increase versus goal, delivered a 65 percent increase in call volume, and reduced cost per call by 41 percent YOY.
  • Research Innovation: Chevrolet Silverado—"There's Life to Be Done." The campaign was born entirely from groundbreaking research and analysis into the Chevrolet Silverado brand, taken on to reverse a many-year decline in brand metrics, sales, and share in the face of no new product improvements and post-bailout reductions in marketing budgets. The campaign, which ran in fall 2011, produced astounding results in short order, reversing declines and posting gains across the board. Research at every step in strategy, development, and execution of the campaign discovered, uncovered, refined, validated, and delivered as a critical partner in this unprecedented campaign for Silverado.