Creative and Interactive Media Use by Agencies: Engaging an IMC Media Palette for Implementing Advertising Campaigns

Sheila L. Sasser
Eastern Michigan University

Scott Koslow
University of Waikato (Te Whare Waananga o Waikato)

Edward A. Riordan
Wayne State University

In the last decade, the media component of advertising has metamorphosed. Beginning with IMC and experiential initiatives, media have transformed toward interactive and engagement models (Swain, 2004). Such intense media change continues to challenge existing media measurement conventions. Emerging "three screen" considerations driven by technology and multitasking behavioral changes are affecting creative development, planning, and implementation. Such changes have already been evident at the media strategy, planning, and buying levels, as enormous media buys are considered without appropriate metrics normally used to drive such choices. Just as clients demanded IMC prior to valid measurement frameworks, advertising execution variables are forcing contemplation of emerging media without reliable metrics.