Canon Australia EOS Camera - Photo 5

Leo Burnett


Photo5 is an inspirational photographic, creative challenge that asks enthusiast photographers to create and be part of their own photographic gallery.

The campaign challenged enthusiast photographers to respond to five different inspirational objects and submit their work to be part of a gallery experience. The gallery content created was then used to drive mass reach and engagement, immersing the broader enthusiast audience in an inspiring creative Canon EOS experience.

Photo5, reinvented from a ‘discrete competition’ to a ‘broad reach inspirational experience’ captured the minds and hearts of the enthusiast photographic community. Indeed, the campaign took on a life of its own amongst the community, and by doing so, created reach and scale that stretched well beyond the meagre budget.

As a result, Canon EOS moved from a position of market vulnerability and inability to capitalise on market growth to one of dominance, growth and control.