Marylebone Cricket Club: Lord's Roar Booth


CLIENT • Marylebone Cricket Club

THE TEAM • Simon Haslehurst, Kristian Wheater, Sarah Geldart, Kim Briggs, Miranda Ross, Thomas Bunnell, Kristiana Grant, Ali Proctor.

Other contributor: Cunning London – Brand experience.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • Lord's needed to boost ticket sales for the Bangladesh v England Test Match. However, London Bangladeshis feel Lord's is elitist. To prove otherwise, we took Lord's to them. 30,000 tickets were sold, an ROI of nearly 2:1. Total ticket sales were 64,557: a 56% rise on the last Bangladesh Test.

OBJECTIVES • Change Bangladeshi people's negative perception of Lord's and sell tickets to London's Bangladeshi community.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • The English Bangladesh community feel removed from Lord's geographically and socially – and football is their favoured sport. However, what unites Bangladeshis across the board is their sense of national pride. To change their view of Lord's and encourage them to buy tickets, we needed to tap into this and make Lord's more accessible in an exciting and memorable way, giving them a taste of what cricket at Lord's is really like. Rather than simply advertise in Bangladeshi areas, we took Lord's out to the biggest Bangladeshi community in London: Whitechapel. We amplified this by pushing people to the Roar Booth via Facebook, targeted online ads, A5 flyers, plus 48 and 6-sheets in the area. On the day we handed out flyers and stress balls directing people to the booth and the landing page.