Connecting sophisticated technologies with marketing

James Devon and Alex Cowell

Customers don't care about technologies. They care about the experience that brands give them, on- and offline. But to deliver that experience brand owners must embrace existing and emerging technologies. And, by the same token, technology specialists must understand more about brands and consumers.

It is where technology meets creativity that the magic happens. The relationship between the two is symbiotic. Technology can inspire a new direction for creativity and, likewise, creativity can spur advances or a pivot in technological development and find new uses for existing technology.

Perhaps the most interesting use of technology is in the development of experiences, products and services that add a deeper value to the brand – improvements that look to shift longer term metrics, such as price elasticity and brand equity measures, that ultimately have the biggest impact on profitability and growth. Think of Nike Fuel, Fiat's eco-drive and Ticketmaster's social seating.