ishares: How to Keep Evolving


CLIENT • iShares

THE TEAM • Matthew Heath, Kate Edwards, Stephen McArdle, Bruce Pywell, Andrew Pogson, Dan Wright, Kieran McGinley, Susie Reed, Marek Charytonowicz.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • We engaged professional investors and encouraged them to reappraise their views of iShares — this meant getting the tone spot on was vital. Despite a lower budget we delivered a 20% uplift in web traffic and a very creditable 20% email open rate.

OBJECTIVES • Change the way professional investors think about iShares. Persuade them to take ETFs more seriously.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • Our audience is a tough nut to crack: very busy, highly cynical, massively competitive and notoriously unresponsive to direct communications. We had to find a way to overcome their natural defences. We worked with their driving instinct: the desire to outperform each other. So we positioned iShares as an investment vehicle brilliantly suited to realising their investment strategy: they supply the great ideas, we supply the perfect vehicle for execution.