Hellmann's Real Food Movement

Category: Sustained Success
Brand/Client: Hellmann's / Unilever Canada
Lead Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Contributing Agencies: Mindshare Canada , Dashboard, OgilvyAction, Ogilvy & Mather (NY)

State of the brand's business

It was a two horse race.

The Canadian market for mayonnaise and mayonnaise substitutes is dominated by two long-standing brands - Miracle Whip and Hellmann's - which together account for over 80% of the category's sales1. Miracle Whip, which had been invented during the Great Depression for the specific purpose of providing a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise, was still seeing success seventy years later with its lower cost platform. In 2006, with 46% share, it was Canada's market leader1.

Hellmann's brand equity was in "versatility".