2degrees Mobile: 0 to 1 million in just three years

Categories: Most Effective Client of the Year
Sustained Success
Agency: TBWA Digital Arts Network
Client: 2degrees Mobile


For the past three years 2degrees Mobile has helped a million Kiwis have a natter. This was no easy task in the mobile communications market. But, as the third entrant just trying to make it a fairer playing field it has certainly made in-roads. Thanks to the team at TBWA Digital Arts Network it has also won a Gold Effie in the Sustained Success category.

Key learnings

If you are going to take on the big guys in the mobile market, you have to be in it for the long term. The team at 2degrees and TBWA knew it would be a challenge to break the duopoloy that had existed for many years, but they also knew that many customers were feeling locked in. That was all about to change.

Marketing challenge & objectives

The challenge was to break into the duopoly and accrue customers at a rapid rate. It was necessary to shake up the market and build a critical mass of customers in order for the operation to survive. In order to do this it was essential to build awareness and love of the brand, so that people would sign up and leave their other provider behind.

Creative insight & strategy