Cottonelle: Test your cleaning logic

Category: Home Supplies & Services
Brand/client: Cottonelle® / Kimberly-Clark
Lead agency: TRIS3CT
Contributing agencies: Mindshare, Ogilvy Action, Ketchum and Biggs-Gilmore

State of the marketplace & brand's business

At the beginning of 2013, Cottonelle found itself the #5 brand in one of the most commoditized, low-involvement categories around: toilet paper. Perennial leader Charmin was maintaining its stranglehold on the aisle. Meanwhile, Private Label share had risen, and was only projected to grow due to increases in product quality, branding and store-level support. Cottonelle's meager 11-share was being squeezed from both sides.

Unable to "out-shout" big-spending Charmin, Cottonelle needed to make some serious noise in the bath aisle to drive a distinct point of difference and

Strategic communications challenge