From the editor: We are the world

Colin Grimshaw

Welcome to the post-geographic age. We now all live in a 'connected world' where people are no longer segregated by national borders, distance and cultures. We're one global tribe, united by Facebook. Aren't we?

Well... yes, and no. It's true that the internet and other communications technologies have, to some extent, created homogeneity of cultures, tastes and interests.

Yet these same technologies have also assisted in the greater fragmentation of the tribe – with the formation of niche communities, some joined by local/regional predilections, but others linked by shared, often minority, interests, which are not defined by geographic boundaries or cultures.

The challenge for Global Planning – the topic for this month's Admap Focus - is how to create communications strategies that bond the efficiency and clarity of a central idea to local (not necessarily in a geographic sense) executions, which resonate with legions of segmented communities.