Purchasing behaviour in an online supermarket: The applicability of E-S-QUAL

Frederic Marimon

International University of Catalonia

Richard Vidgen

University of New South Wales

Stuart Barnes

University of East Anglia

Eduard Cristóbal

University of Lleida


The well-known SERVQUAL instrument (Parasuraman et al. 1985, 1988; Parasuraman et al. 1991) has become one of the most widely used generic measures of service quality. More recently, Parasuraman et al. (2005) have developed a new instrument, known as ‘E-S-QUAL’, to assess service quality in the context of electronic commerce (e-commerce). The E-S-QUAL scale is composed of 22 items arranged in four dimensions for measuring the service quality delivered by online retail websites. Although this scale has been in existence for only a few years, it has nevertheless sparked debate in the literature with regard to its efficacy (Ingle & Connolly 2006; Kim et al. 2006; Boshoff 2007; Connolly 2007).