Three Mobile: Dance, pony, dance



This entry describes the relationship of strategy to mobile network Three's highly successful Pony campaign.

Strategy informs execution, but the relationship is not entirely linear. Execution – or in this case, evidence inspiring Three to demand bolder execution – can feed back into strategy.

Three wanted to break out of a cycle of network communications focused on indistinguishable deals and features. They were inspired by evidence from a research agency that emotional adverts are more effective and efficient than 'message' ads that seek to persuade. This knowledge gave Three "permission" to be more creative in execution, empowering them to be strategically bolder – , defining a clear brand identity as the network which understands and empowers the mobile internet.

Backing up this strategy was research showing how mobile sharing was shifting – moving from informational and personal sharing to more carefree, silly, 'phatic' communication. Which led to the big idea – celebrating the silly stuff – that underpinned the campaign.