Paddy Power: Balls, banter and bets

Gavin May and Ruth Chadwick
Crispin Porter and Bogusky London


The sporting "establishment":

  • The people with all the money and all the power.
  • The boardroom-dwellers.
  • The decision-makers.
  • They talk, people listen. Great to be them.

The fans:

  • The people with no money and no power.
  • The terrace-chanters.
  • The ticket-buyers.
  • They shout, nobody hears. Sucks to be them.

This is the story of a brand that said "enough of that".

It is the story of a brand that had the balls to stand up against the sporting establishment on behalf of the fans by listening, and giving a voice to their hopes, fears and frustrations.

It didn't do this by implementing a bespoke "social media strategy", but by reimagining itself as a fundamentally social brand, behaving with all the naivety and gusto of the most ardent of sports fans. In so doing, Paddy Power has moved from being a naughty gambling brand into a genuine participant in sports culture. We have created some of the most talked about communications around, and a model for any brand that's ever wanted to grow big, while still feeling small; that's ever wanted to transcend its category without losing its soul.

Before we start…