Is Pester Power Dead?

Diet/health/obesity: How are Food Manufacturers, Retailers and Advertisers Tackling the Challenge?

Neil Samson
Kids and Youth, United Kingdom.


In the light of increasing concerns relating to the health, diet and obesity levels amongst children, those involved in the production, marketing and retailing of children's foods, are increasingly feeling the pressure from regulatory bodies to 'clean up their act'. The media has also become quite vociferous about issues relating to children's health, and in particular the part played by food manufacturers and marketers. The heightened awareness of issues relating to children's health amongst the general public, has also led to increased levels of scrutiny from those buying foods for children, usually mothers.

There have been a few notable unfortunate press stories in recent years which have been borne out of increased levels of scrutiny to children's food and drink. For example, Ribenas' 'tooth kind' claim, which could not be substantiated, and Cadbury's 'wrappers for schools sports equipment campaign' that was interpreted as encouraging children to eat more sweets.