Hitting a Moving Target With Accuracy, Precision and Frequency

How elevator screens are reaching business professionals

Michael J. DiFranza
Captivate Network, Inc.

How to reach the business professional has long been considered one of the biggest challenges for companies seeking to build their brand with this desirable audience. This elusive demographic, sought after by most national advertisers for their purchasing power and influence, maintains a safe distance from the popular media that can distract them from their daily responsibilities. This presents an enormous problem for marketers.

Within the past few years, the belief in the power of a brand has spread beyond the inventors of the discipline to leaders in every industry. With consumers facing a multitude of choices for products and services, companies must create brand loyalty to keep their customers. Creating a meaningful bond between consumers and your brand involves strategy and innovation. When managed well, successful brands continue to persevere in hard times as well as good times.