Experiential marketing: Build brand communities

David Squires

Getting consumers to experience your brand can be achieved through activities that build online clubs of like-minded people, who then become brand advocates.

Human beings are communal by nature. If you ask a group of people about their interests and how they spend their free time, most will say hanging out with friends and family. So it's not surprising that we have seen digital communities prosper in the past decade. What is perhaps more surprising is the low number of brands that have really recognised this trend and effectively created a prospering community and ongoing brand experience.

Traditionally, marketers have defined brand experience as live events where consumers get a direct hands-on experience of the brand, such as sampling at a station, giving consumers the opportunity to try something new at a branded event or interacting with the brand at big mainstream events, such as festivals. These experiences are still important today. But they are part of a bigger picture for marketers trying to create compelling brand experiences.