Depend: Guard your manhood

Category: Personal Care
Brand/client: Depend / Kimberly-Clark
Lead agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Contributing agencies: Geometry Global, Organic, Inc., Marina Maher Communications and Mindshare

State of the marketplace & brand's business

Male incontinence has been the source of a lot of jokes. Monty Python ("Marathon for Men with Incontinence"), The Onion ("Those Depends Ain't So Damn Dependable") and SNL ("Oops adult diapers") have all had a go at making fun of this condition. But for the 4 million men in America who suffer from it, it probably isn't that funny. For them, male incontinence can be an emasculating stigma that raises an unwelcome specter of vulnerability. Most suffer "light leakage" – potentially embarrassing spotting that 80% of sufferers choose to either do nothing about or to MacGyverize a solution using toilet paper. These men see a trip down the incontinence aisle in the drugstore as something to be avoided at all costs.