Network Rail: The Foodie Fortnight


CLIENT • Network Rail

THE TEAM • James Hidden, Richard Megson, Matt Davis, Ben Mitchell, Emma Holland, David Miller.

Other contributors: Brand & Deliver – Events, Arena Quantum – Media.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • Our strategy elevated a brief for a shop opening into a large-scale experiential event for St. Pancras. Sales in the station increased by around £700,000, an ROI of 3.34:1 .We increased sales in Sourced by 34% and attracted 18,000 non-travellers.

OBJECTIVES • Drive sales in the newly opened Sourced food market. Underline St. Pancras International's role as a destination station. Increase footfall within the commercial area, and sales across food-related retail outlets. Start building a database and ongoing relationship with target audiences.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • The recently renovated St. Pancras International is one of London's most impressive architectural locations, and the departure and arrival point for millions of travellers. We built on the idea of a ‘destination station', encouraging people to arrive earlier, stay longer and spend more. The station enjoys an affluent passenger base, with high-end shops, bars and restaurants. But the audience is busy, racing to trains, workplaces and weekend breaks. Our task was to tell them about the new food market, Sourced. We felt this wasn't enough. The opening was an opportunity to celebrate St. Pancras’ entire gastronomic offering.