Kayak.com: Search One and Done


The founders of Kayak.com got tired of digging their way through bad travel sites so one day they decided they could do it better. And they did. Enter Kayak.com – a travel site with an all-new meta search engine that makes searching for travel online as in-depth & thorough as Google searches feel to consumers. Unlike their competitors who make money when people book travel, Kayak.com is based on delivering relevant search quiries to people, who can then click on the most relevant deal for them to go to the offering site to buy their travel. Quite simply, they offer better travel search because they search all other sites for you through their top-secret algorithm. And they don't make money off people booking the travel, so it's fundamentally more truthful to the consumer – they simply offer you choices. Instead of going to all the sites yourself, Kayak.com does it for you.