Affinity Petcare: Pet food release

CP Proximity

Entry Information

Country where program ran: SPAIN
Program start date: 02/04/13
Program end date: 03/31/13
Advertiser/Client Name: Affinity Petcare S.A.
Product/Service Description:, a new online community for dog and cat owners created by Affinity Petcare, Spanish market leader in dog and cat food.
Category: Consumer Products (CP)


Business problem

Various studies have shown that dog and cat owners are some of the most active targets on social networks and that their pets have a leading role in the content and comments that owners generate. Most users share photos of their pet on social networks daily, forums have become true veterinary offices and terms such as "dog," "cat" and other related words are some of the most searched words on Google, even more so than celebrities like "Lady Gaga" or keywords such as "baby" or "baby food." With this in mind, Affinity did not want to miss out on being the brand that created a fitting place to bring owners together and seize the customer relations and CRM opportunities provided by digital media. Hence, we created, a website that serves as a meeting place for dog and cat owners and as a place to find all kinds of proprietary content, tools for improving their relationship and connection with their pets as well as different promotions.