Multiple regression and market research

John Clemens
McCann-Erickson Advertising Ltd

Paul Duncan-Jones
Audience Research Department, BBC


This paper is about a statistical technique known as multiple regression, and about possible applications and uses of this technique in market research and marketing. We want to raise the question whether multiple regression could not be used more widely in marketing analysis. To do this, we are going to present a case study taken from our own work. My job is to make a few general remarks about what multiple regression is and about some of its marketing applications.

Probably quite a lot of you are fairly familiar with multiple regression. On the other hand you probably don't - most of you - use the technique all that often. So I think it may be useful if I start by reminding you of a few points about the mathematical model and the technique. I shall run through this pretty quickly, and I obviously won't be attempting a complete exposition of multiple regression theory.