What it takes to be an irresistible brand

Roz Calder and Michael Cook
NeedScope International

The world has many popular brands but only a select few have the magnetic power of irresistibility. New research from TNS reveals what it takes to join their ranks – and why it is so important to do so.

What do L'Oréal, Stella Artois, Red Bull and Audi have in common? The most obvious answer is that they are all extremely successful: the world's leading personal care brand, one of the fastest growing brands in beer, the world's leading energy drink, and the fastest growing auto brand on earth, according to the BrandZ index1.

But that's not all. These brands are not just strong, recognisable and popular; they are irresistibly so. When faced with a choice in their category, consumers are magnetically drawn to them, unable and unwilling to see any alternative. The power these brands exert today makes their success appear almost magical, but the fact is that they have very specific characteristics that make them irresistible brands. They have been deliberately designed and carefully managed over time to exert such a powerful pull. Rivals in their categories have two choices: either they can focus on becoming irresistible themselves, or they must be prepared to get out of the way. Irresistibility leads inevitably to brand growth.

The inevitable choice