Hallenstein Brothers: The Power Of The Suit

Category: Retail/Etail
Agency: Publicis Mojo Auckland
Client: Hallenstein Brothers


Hallensteins redefined the suit with this campaign. It's hard enough selling suits at the best of times, but in a recession and to an audience who prefers t-shirts and jeans meant the team at Publicis Mojo Auckland had their work cut out for them.

But, with a provocative TVC based on some simple category and consumer insights Publicis Mojo Auckland did the unthinkable. It got men (and their partners) back into Hallensteins, spending more than they ever had before.

It got people talking positively about the brand and reinvigorated the suit. What was previously seen as boring and worn to help you get a job, was turned into something cool that helped you get a girl.

Key learnings

The key was to get men to reconsider Hallensteins by making the new skinny suit a sign of rebellion.