Transforming the Image of Gaming as a Main-Stream Advertising Medium: Part I
Electronic Arts Takes its Message to the 4A's

Geoffrey Precourt

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Elizabeth Harz

For attendees at the 4A's (American Association of Advertising Agencies) 2010 Transformation Conference who believed that gaming is just, well, kid's stuff, Elizabeth Harz, Electronic Arts (EA) svp/global ad sales, had a transformational message:

"We've become a mass-market medium," she said. "It's cool, it's smart, it's sexy…. And it's a big business that continues to grow. It out-grosses the top film releases" – EA's "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Official Game Website" grossed $160 million in its first five days, as compared to the actual movie's $78 million in opening weekend sales – "and [studios] are making more money on games than they do on DVD releases. We make more money than print magazines or the music industry. Clearly, we're coming to scale."