How Samsung is becoming a 'digital-first' marketer

Low Lai Chow

When Samsung Asia's regional Marketing Director for digital and social media, Damien Cummings, joined the company, he experienced a bit of a shock.

"Facebook was blocked off. Twitter was blocked off. I couldn't even have access to these platforms," he recalled. "So how the hell am I going to get everyone to use them when I can't use them?"

Prior to joining the South Korean conglomerate in August 2012, Cummings led Dell's social media sales and marketing as its Global Social Media Director. He was also Dell's Online Director for Asia-Pacific and Japan. Which made him just the right kind of person to reinvent Samsung as a social business.

Speaking at the closing session of the SES Conference in Singapore, he let on that while there was much to be done as the company grapples with placing social media at its core, its goals are ambitious.