A turnaround triumph: business transformation in the pay TV industry

Rob Highett-Smith
AUSTAR Entertainment, Australia

Kylie Miller
Blue Moon Research and Planning, Australia,

Nikki King
AUSTAR Entertainment, Australia


This paper details the role played by research in affecting a significant business turnaround at AUSTAR Entertainment, the dominant Pay TV provider in regional Australia. A brief overview of the Pay TV industry in Australia and AUSTAR Entertainment's position within the industry is outlined. The paper then details the growth and stagnation of the AUSTAR business and explores the reasons behind this fall, one of which is an absence of consumer research and subsequent minimal understanding of AUSTAR's subscribers and the potential market.

The differences made by the introduction of a research program are then described together with the impact research insights have had on the recovery in customer acquisition, customer management, disconnection levels and new product development. The fact that AUSTAR's recovery was realised via the integration of consumer research with other internal data analysis and strategies as well as the will of the company to implement change is also detailed.