ONLY: The Liberation

Client: Bestseller
Brand: ONLY
Agency: UncleGrey
Category: Small Budget / Consumer Goods
Country: Denmark

ONLY was established in 1995 and started out as a denim fashion brand. Initially it was a great success focusing exclusively on denim products, t-shirts, and tops. At the start of the global financial crises the brand started to feel additional pressure from competing brands while at the same time experiencing difficulties in getting consumers interested in their offerings.

By 2011 the ONLY brand values and the overall direction of the brand had become unclear. Sales were declining and a decision to re-evaluate how the brand marketed its collections was made. Something had to be done otherwise the brand could have spiralled into terminal decline.

The creative solution was an online interactive film experience called "The Liberation". It's a fashion catalogue, a movie, a game, a music video, and the world's first, on demand, video retail environment.