Dixons.co.uk: Our strength grows out of our weaknesses

M&C Saatchi London


This is a story about knowing when you are beat. Not just begrudgingly accepting this, but noting how far ahead the other guy is and praising them for it.

This does not come easy. Agencies are typically optimistic places, they have to be. Their glass is always half-full. They look for the positives and strengths in any brand, sometimes finding something huge and life changing, sometimes finding a slight advantage. But the focus is always there.

In Dixons.co.uk, it was this natural tendency within ourselves that we had to fight against, in order to first accept defeat and where we stood in the pecking order, then learn how to turn this into our advantage to create a lesson Planning can learn from.


In 2009, the picture for Dixons.co.uk couldn’t have looked more bleak.